what people are saying about working with sheri


I have the utmost respect for Sheri Petersen.  She is a true professional and I would consider her a leader in coaching. -Brenna Smith

As my coach, Sheri has so skillfully and thoughtfully supported me in finding deep clarity in a variety of areas and holds me accountable to all that I dream of. She creates such a warm, accepting atmosphere in coaching that taking the next step towards freedom is one I can do, that I want to do, and that I’m excited about! Sheri is truly a gifted coach! ~Jan Myers

Being Coached by Sheri was the best choice that I could have given to my life! She assisted me in getting into the present moment where I could see what was really working and not working. Then she helped me discover what really mattered, what changes that I needed to make and helped me create the steps to get what I wanted out of my life. I felt supported and empowered through each step of my process, yet Sheri held me accountable for claiming my dreams and my life. Moreover, I discovered by working with Sheri, that only I had the power to create my life by my own design! So, for individuals out in the world that want to really take action for a life that they create, I highly recommend Sheri Petersen as your Coach and a pathway to personal freedom. I am so grateful that I made this choice for myself! ~Patrick Merrill, NYC, NY

I absolutely love having Sheri as my coach!!  I stretch and risk and learn and integrate so much each week. ~Dawn T. St. Paul, MN

I feel positively joyful after sessions with Sheri...I want to take the time to acknowledge myself the way she encourages me to. ~Ellen Z.

Sheri is one of the most gifted coaches that I know. She has coached me through many major life changes masterfully, helping me gain clarity in order to live my life to the very fullest. Her amazing insight, intuition and compassion guided me through, making me feel supported, encouraged and energized. ~Cindy Johnson, Minneapolis, MN

I worked with Sheri in a group and was blown away by her depth, warmth, knowledge and kindness. She was excellent in helping people feel safe in sharing and in getting to the core of our issues and needs. I found her to be a superb coach and would use her and recommend her to others without hesitation.  ~Anita 

I learned to apply so many new tools to the real-world issues that came up in my daily life and how to get support even when I was not in crisis, so that I could grow beyond merely fixing or avoiding trouble. I am now able to approach the part of my life that was previously too terrifying to contemplate because it seemed completely out of my control and beyond my ability to ever have a good outcome. Today, I know that I can create positive change, even there, where I have always before feared to tread. ~Katja

Sheri Petersen gave me the inspiration to overcome my fears by taking smaller “steps” toward my goal. I wanted to write a fiction book and I couldn’t give myself permission to do this. Who was I? I found myself procrastinating and Sheri would call it to my attention. For example, because my novel has to do with a Sick Murderer/Serial Killer I started to enroll in a Master’s Program to get my degree in Forensic Psychology so I would be qualified to write it. Instead, Sheri guided me to alternate ways to receive pertinent information. I’ll never forget the very first step. She told me to go down into the basement and get the documents that I had stored away for five years. She told me to bring them up and to write one page. I brought them up! I started writing. It may not be the book I set out to write, but I am writing and am 157 pages into another novel that should be finished by the end of 2009. 

~Janet S.

I feel so blessed to have met Sheri and have had her as my coach. Helping me with the level of compassion she has, has given me my life back. I will be forever grateful for our work together! ~Elizabeth S. 

Sheri Petersen provided just the coaching I needed to move forward.  I was at a very confusing point in my life and so appreciated her approach to coaching me.  She was kind but bold and held me accountable.  I really looked forward to meeting with Sheri because of the clarity I always seem to gain from the call with her.  Through coaching with Sheri, I made the decision to become a Fearless Living Coach.  She really was a valuable resource for me. ~Kim Worlow

Sheri is an amazing coach!  She supported me in getting out of my own way!  My life will never be the same! Leigh Lange - Forest Lake , MN

Being a client of Sheri's has provided me with the gift of trust, love, compassion, and support. Sheri's encouragement made me want to know myself better through the writing assignments, awareness's, exercises, and phone sessions. Sheri definitely knows how to ask thought-provoking questions so that I can come up with my own answers. I never feel judged by her. I always feel heard, respected and cared about. She is extremely patient and kind-hearted and just SO filled with love for people. The amount of trust I now have for myself is because of my willingness to be open with Sheri. She has supported me in loving and accepting myself more and more every day. ~Carrie D. 

I attended a 4 week Fearless Loving Teleconference with Sheri that was wonderful.  Sheri did a great job facilitating, asking probing questions and getting the group to really think about what was holding them back from loving fearlessly.  I learned so much in that short time that I decided to continue to work with Sheri through individual coaching. Sheri and I focused on a number of things during the many months of coaching.  She helped me significantly improve my confidence and thus my teaching of my nutrition classes.  My teaching evaluation scores have increased significantly due to working with Sheri.  In addition, she helped me see how other fearful behavior of mine created less than productive working environments.  I also learned some great techniques to keep myself focused and motivated in changing my behavior and in reminding myself that I can accomplish anything! ~Kris



I am very grateful to have had Sheri as my mentor and coach for the past two years. She has lovingly supported me on an incredibly transforming journey from stubborn insistence on perfection and being incredibly hard on myself to confidence and a deep seated trust in my ability to handle all of life's challenges. Sheri's coaching style is powerful and focused, yet compassionate and nurturing. She maintains a natural flow of consistently challenging your assumptions and beliefs and allowing the space necessary for you to grow and integrate the work at your own pace. Session after session, Sheri helped me chisel away at the fears that had kept me "safe" my whole life and, ultimately, craft a reality based in passion, connection, confidence and lasting internal peace. ~Desiree Bryan, www.lifealignmentcoaching.com, Seattle, WA

Sheri Petersen was my mentor as I was going through the Fearless Living coaching program and I absolutely LOVED her!!  Not only was she a skilled coach and mentor, she was kind and compassionate with me as I was acquiring my coaching skills and techniques.  She kept me accountable and focused, acknowledged my progress and helped me to recognize growth opportunities.  In fact, I grew tremendously both personally and professionally in my work with her, and feel very fortunate to have had her as a companion on my journey.  I would work with her again without hesitation and highly recommend her services to anyone truly interested in taking their lives to the next level.  She is excellent at what she does! ~Lynne Guerne, www.inner-alchemy.net, Sacramento, CA

Sheri was my mentor while I was in the Fearless Living Coaching Program.  When I started the program I had no idea how instrumental she would be in my success and sanity!  Learning how to become a great coach requires working through your own "stuff" as well as gaining coaching skills.  Every step of the way, Sheri provided just what I needed.  When I needed her to hold my hand, she did.  When I needed her to kick my behind, she did.  She was tough and straight forward, all the while being so compassionate, kind and supportive.  Sheri's intuition and excellent coaching skills allow her to know just what her clients need at any given moment.  I came away from my experience with Sheri feeling confident in my coaching skills and knowing that I have all the tools I need to succeed and not let fear hold me back any longer.  I wholeheartedly, and without reservation recommend Sheri to anyone who is ready to do what it takes to tell fear to take a hike! ~Vicki Garcia, www.coachforu.com, Silicon Valley, CA

Sheri is a very talented and skilled Life Coach.  She assisted me in understanding that my inconsistencies only serve to promote excuses. She created an environment where I felt safe to talk about, and move, from my static life into action. I gained self confidence in myself and now know that the guilty feelings I experienced when I said "NO" was, each and every time, a choice.  She helped me to see that including me in my life equation was the greatest gift to myself and all those who come into contact with me.  I am forever grateful for her talent and her assistance in my life path.  Her Coaching ripples in my life daily.  ~Carol Tolbert, www.CarolTolbert.com, VA

Sheri Petersen is a very inspirational mentor and life coach.  She is always supportive, has a wonderful positive attitude, and helps you find your own path.  Sheri will always be there for you whenever you need her. ~Sandy

I've worked with Sheri Petersen for over two years now - initially she acted as my mentor, for the past year she has been my coach. Sheri is an expert in how fear runs our lives. I feel safe in sharing with her; and find her to be gentle, calm, knowing and amazingly powerful. She asks me stuff I often want to avoid, yet it's what I need to face. The greatest gift that I've got from Sheri is the confidence to step into my greatness and own my power. Before I met her, I was a woman who subjugated herself to others, my heart was hard, I felt ugly, and was afraid of being alone. Now I feel quietly confident, centered. Through Sheri's coaching, I've found my purpose in life - to own my power, be me, all of me, and bring beauty to others. Life is beautiful! Thank you, Sheri.

~Glynis Ferguson, www.freedomfromfearcoaching.com, Hong Kong